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Readers Favorite by Lorraine Carey
"Crushing the Devil" will open your eyes and astound you with things about the devil you never thought were possible! This novel hit home for me because it came at the right time in my life to open my eyes to the real power we have from Jesus - one that we had all along to defeat this ugly beast! You will see just how ugly he is and learn his evil tricks as he tries to destroy your life. This book is a true interactive program for life for born again Christians that includes scripture, examples, action points that recap each chapter and prayers. You are given real tools to regain your faith and abolish his presence immediately. Some shocking things were revealed here that I never had taken into account with the inner workings of the devil, as his intent is to take you down, whether it is a full blown possession or the simple fact that you are stagnant in your career and not going anywhere. No matter at what stage of your life you are and what you are ailing from, there is a way to conquer it by affirming your place as a child of God and you can extinguish the devil by using the prayers, and the steps outlined in this book. Words have such power, and they are provided right here along with mind blowing statements to affirm. A very strong statement is given at the end of the book, for all of us to ponder at a time when our world is in such a state. It is one of hope if you choose to follow the steps in the book.

Pedro Okoro has been granted Divine Intervention to be able to write this book for you! He is one who has done his homework on this subject and knows how to go into battle and is well-armed with the armor of God as he shares these great messages with an easy to follow format. He writes with such strong voice on this powerful subject. The book was organized with such balance and reflection. Everything seemed to flow together. Yes, I can honestly say every bit of information here had impacted me in a way that will be reshaping my life for the better. I have printed out the action points and prayers that I have immediately put into practice too.

Suzanne Harden, USA
Gifted Author Pedro Okoro has written an amazingly powerful, life changing book in Crushing the Devil. Though as believers we must always be diligent to keep our focus on the things above "where Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father..." (Colossians 3:1), nevertheless, as Pastor Okoro so brilliantly reminds us in his book, we have an invisible adversary who "walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour," whom we must resist steadfastly in our faith. (1 Peter 5:8-9). 

Crushing The Devil brilliantly presents solid Biblical truths that not only enlighten the believer about the realities of spiritual warfare, the book is packed with powerful principles and plans to help readers gain the victory that Christ won for every child of God on the Cross at Calvary. Crushing The Devil is one of the most spiritually motivating books I have read this year! I highly recommend it.

Erni Haesloop Cape Town, South Africa
May I introduce myself as a child of the most High God with no claim to my name, but that of a Victorious Female Soldier in the Lord Jesus Christ's Army. Not having read many other books recently but the Bible and daily devotions by Oswald Chambers I have found "Crushing the devil" by Pedro Okoro a remarkable read, grabbing my attention from beginning to end.

I would say it is a definite MUST read for both baby Christians and the mature! A teaching on spiritual warfare based on Biblical Truth, also an encouragement on perseverance in our Christian walk. It contains many interesting facts that the average believer would not have heard of. The most powerful statements for me are the unshakeable clarifications on WHO we are in Christ Jesus, when we have surrendered our hearts to our Lord.

We are Victorious in Christ Jesus and that is our greatest weapon against the enemy. Praising our Heavenly Father in every situation, lifting the Name of Jesus above every name with pure hearts, thereby keeping the enemy under our feet. Not a one time act, but a daily if not hourly one, praying without ceasing ~ 1Thessalonians 5:17

Were I to give this book a rating I would give it a 10 out of 10. I would like to say thank you Pedro for responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit of our Heavenly Father in writing this book. I am convinced it will help many a believer to learn to live a VICTORIOUS LIFE IN JESUS CHRIST, no matter their situation or condition! Also teaching the reality of the spiritual realm, which many are not aware of clearly, as not visible by sight.

God bless you my brother for your obedience, I can almost hear the Father saying "Well done good and faithful servant" as you reach the end of the race.

Pastor Ken Smith, Project Peter Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
This book was very well written, even perhaps a bit to my surprise. As it began it was a remarkable way to bring one into understanding the importance of spiritual warfare in the life of every Christian. We must always remember, from the book; "In fulfilling his ministry of stealing, killing, and wreaking destruction, the devil employs deceit and trickery. He is the father of lies, and deceit is Satan's territory! He is at home when he lies to people and misleads them. He started deceiving
and misleading from the beginning."

We often try and ignore the understanding of our enemy but that is a fools game and a sure set up for failure. We don't lift him up nor do we give him credit for a thing... but we must be privy to his schemes and devices as admonished to do in Scripture. Pedro helps one know our enemy and even better he lets us know how to walk in victory as opposed to the defeat that many walk in. God's people perish for lack of knowledge. Pedro will help walk you through many passages of Scripture so that you can understand the wiles of the enemy and prepare yourself to properly engage in battle when battle is necessary and defense when defense is necessary.

I encourage folks to read this and I encourage folks to not be afraid to ask questions on Twitter or email to Pedro. Full understanding is great understanding and the one that lacks understanding is the one missing out on many of the blessings one has while a child of God. In all things... including spiritual warfare... get knowledge. There are many books out there on spiritual warfare and most of them go from zero to goofy as quick as a Porsche can go from zero to sixty. This book is well balanced in Scripture, practicality, and application.

Eva Miller Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Pedro, teaches us in this book that it is necessary to discover our purpose. I also love the line "God has invested something very special in you, he therefore expects a return on his investment." So true...I've learned so much from this book. Their is a spiritual battle going on in this world "Crushing the devil" helps you put on your spiritual armour. I recommend this book to anybody who may have lost their way, or are dealing with depression. The enemy has ways to attack us But remember one thing (No weapon formed against you shall prosper, it won't work.) I wanna thank the Author of this book because it will save a lot of people and make them stronger in Christ. God bless any body who reads this book it was a blessing to me and now I can stand stronger with the devil under my feet thanks again Mr.Okoro for helping me Crush the devil.

Hilary Hurbs, New Jersey, USA

Once you pick up this book, it’s hard for you to put it down. Your eyes are just opened to one thing after another. Filled with knowledge and TRUTH, every Christian should have a copy of this book as their guide to warfare. I am an avid reader and this book has touched me in a way that not many books have. I received new insight into spiritual warfare that will forever change my mind-set.

Readers Favorite by Lori M

Spiritual warfare is being waged all around us and Crushing the Devil: Your Guide to Spiritual Warfare and Victory in Christ by Pedro Okoro is a wonderful book to help us better understand what is going on and how to win that war.

Samantha Ryan Chandler, USA

I have read a plethora of books on spiritual warfare. Having said this, I absorbed another perception of how to fight Satan from reading Crushing the Devil. I recommend reading it more than once, taking notes; as it moves with great wisdom and tools in how to defeat the enemy. If you are a child of God you will have an encounter with Satan. He comes to destroy the testimony of God’s children and make us doubt the goodness of God. But if God is for you, then it is impossible to fail. The tactics and strategy used by the Devil are explained in great detail. My regret is that I am limited to giving only 5 stars to this great read!

Heather Bixler, USA

Crushing the Devil is no light read, and that’s a good thing! As I journeyed through the chapters of this book I was struck with more knowledge and more truth in my life about God’s word and the lies that the devil is circulating through this world. I love that the author, Pedro Okoro, ‘crushes the devil’ with nothing but absolute TRUTH.


Pedro Okoro is a Professional Blogger, Copywriter, Coach, List Grow Strategist and Pastor. He is the founder and CEO of Astute Copy Blogging. He is also an Award-winning and bestselling Author. He is married with two delightful daughters.